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journal «Niva Povolzhya»,

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The scientific article   ______________________________________________________

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is sent for publication in the journal «Niva Povolzhya»

By the letter we guarantee that the publication of the scientific article in the journal « Niva Povolzhya » doesn't break copyright of other persons. We also guarantee  that materials of article don't contain data, forbidden to publication in the open press.

The author (s) transfers to the founder  non-exclusive rights on using the scientific article by its reproduction, using it in full contents or fragmentary in combination with any text, photos or drawings, including by placement of full-text network versions on the journal Internet site, as well as in electronic library.

The author (s)is responsible for the misuse of intellectual property, objects of copyright or "know-how" in full in the article according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The author (s) confirms that the article has not been published anywhere before, it has not been sent for publication to other scientific editions. The author is not going to send it to other scientific editions.

We certify that the author (s) the scientific article agrees with the rules of preparation of the manuscript to the edition, approved by the editorial office of the journal  «Niva Povolzhya», including:

- copyright of the issue of the journal (as a whole) belongs to the founder of the journal;

- editorial office of the journal has the right to provide materials of scientific articles in the Russian and foreign organizations providing indexes of scientific citing;

- editorial office of the journal has the right to make reductions and editorial changes in the texts of manuscripts of articles;

- editorial office of the journal has the right to reject article in case of discrepancy of the contents to the main scientific directions of the journal, discrepancy to editorial policy, and also in case of the negative review;

- compensation (fee) for published articles isn't paid.

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